Rainbow Ball Rush

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Introducing "Rainbow Ball Rush" - a thrilling game where your objective is to navigate a ball through an array of colorful platforms and obstacles. As you progress through each level, the game gets increasingly challenging, with new obstacles and tricky platforms appearing at every turn. Your goal is to keep the ball moving forward without falling off the edge or colliding with any obstacles. The platforms come in a variety of colors and shapes, adding to the visual appeal of the game. Some platforms are stationary, while others move back and forth, making it harder to time your jumps. In addition to the platforms, you'll encounter a range of obstacles designed to trip you up. These can include spinning blades, swinging pendulums, and even fiery pits that will instantly destroy your ball on contact. To succeed in Ball Rush, you'll need quick reflexes and precise timing. The game provides a real challenge, but with practice, you'll master the ball's movements and become a true champion.

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